The Plunge: Chris Lubin

On challenging yourself and living without limits

Name: Chris Lubin

Position, Company: Founder, CEO Atomic Peace

Previous Titles: CMO, EVEN

How long have you been solo: I've been semi solo, off and on solo for almost two years now

Where you can find me: Instagram

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Lubin at a social media agency, where it was immediately apparent that he had incredible things in store for himself. The work we were doing wasn’t particularly exciting, nor challenging, but I enjoyed our conversations and have watched his career take him to several different exciting places. None more befitting of his talents than what he’s doing now - running his own studio/consultancy/artist incubator that allows him to pick and choose the projects that excite him. He shares his journey below and reminds us to always be kind. Or, at the least, to not be an asshole.

Why did you decide to go into business for yourself?

Freedom. In all forms. I wanted more freedom to choose the type of projects I got to work on, who I was working with, and not be limited into a box of "Creative' or 'strategist' or 'business consultant' but to show up as my full self in my work.

What do you do and how do you differentiate yourself?

I founded Atomic Peace, a creative studio, brand consultancy and artist incubator. In our current crisis of creativity and loss of meaning, we believe in the power of human, creative storytelling that tap into cultural truths.

What do you love about entrepreneurial/consulting life?

The almost constant growth. I feel like I am challenging myself every single day, learning new things, meeting new people, succeeding, failing and learning from it all.

What’s your best piece of advice?

I don't like giving advice. We're all figuring this shit out together. The rules are yours to make, the advice is yours to decide.

Give me three takeaways

  1. Be kind, but at the very least don't be an asshole

  2. Always ask. The worst thing (usually) that can happen is they say no

  3. Stay curious. Stay excited. Once that is gone, it might be time to go

Anything else you want to add?

Take the leap...if you feel like you're ready. But also, don't feel bad if you're not. The time will come and this has already been written.