The Plunge: Cristin McGrath

Forming relationships with clients, finding your true path, knowing your value

Cristin McGrath, Founder, Chief Strategy Officer at Vyzionary


Notable past titles include
Media Director at Cashmere, Account Director at Vayner, Associate Director of Social Strategy at Horizon

How long I’ve been solo
Officially, November 2023 - but Vyzionary launched in August of 2016

Where I can be found
Instagram, LinkedIn, Website, Email 

Why did you decide to go into business for yourself?
Having worked for several social agency founders who had no previous experience in social media, let alone digital marketing in its entirety, I came to the realization that an agency whose founder worked her way up from the bottom and learned every aspect of digital marketing through hands-on experience will be better set up for success with happier clients and a healthier team.

What do you do and how do you differentiate yourself?
Since 2016, Vyzionary has been called to action by agencies and brands alike to challenge the status quo and take social approaches to new heights through cohesive strategies spanning organic, paid, and earned. Our years of experience working on everything from entertainment to automotive, hair care to beauty, tech to CPG has armed us with the experience, insights and genuine intrigue to tackle anything you throw our way.

What do you miss about corporate life?
I reminisce about agency life pre-pandemic. Vendor events, team outings, coffee breaks - the whole nine. But honestly, I don't miss it too much!

What do you love about entrepreneurial/consulting life?
My favorite aspect of entrepreneurial life is forming relationships with clients without having to align to silly talk tracks, boiler plate emails and the like. Clients now get to experience me for me.

What’s your best piece of advice?
Never lose sight of who you are based on what your manager tells you - just take the criticisms and critiques in stride, realize you just might not be for everyone, and move on. What one person refers to as a "weakness" could be someone else's "strength".

Give me three takeaways

  1. If something feels "off" at your current agency or corporate company, leave. Your intuition is right more often than you think.

  2. Age is nothing but a number. Specifically in the field of digital and social marketing, 30+ years of experience versus 7+ doesn't mean the older person knows more than you - in fact, it probably means the opposite. Speak with confidence despite your job title.

  3. As an entrepreneur, you can pick the projects that fuel your passion. Always do what you LOVE.

Anything else you want to add?

I will be appearing on a new season of The Blox coming late 2024 or early 2025