The Plunge: Helen Polise

Why "just... keep... going..." is the best advice

Name: Helen Polise

Position, Company: Founder/CEO, Socialize

Previous Titles: Director/Producer/Interviewer

Where you can find me: Socialize website, Newsletter (subscribe)

Why did you decide to go into business for yourself?

I have a previous successful business in TV commercial production and when I was approached by a VC to start something new, I took the leap!

What do you do and how do you differentiate yourself?

We are focused on being the only newsletter/podcast for creators by creators - providing all the tools needed for creating successful content. Whether you are a beginner on social media, a seasoned creator or a small business trying to navigate various platform, we provide the resources for success. As a content creation expert, I am presenting my teaching content in a way that is clear, welcoming and inclusive of all levels of creator. This combined with weekly information, insights, trends and content ideas provides our community with everything they need to find success on social media.

What do you miss about corporate life?

I have been away from corporate life for quite some time - I don't miss the politics and the slow speed at which corporations are able to execute decisions. But at the time, I did love the in-person collaboration and socialization. It has been replaced with social media socialization and I love that as well!

What do you love about entrepreneurial/consulting life?

Creating my own work flow and the flexibility to own my own schedule. I am able to work on things I’m most passionate about, such as helping people become creators themselves.

What’s your best piece of advice?

Just keep going.What keeps me excited and moving forward is knowing that I am making an impact, helping people I would not have been able to reach without embracing something new - getting on TikTok and putting myself out there. I could not have anticipated where this would take me and I still don't know when that big moment is coming, but I know I'm moving toward whatever it is if I just keep going!

Give me three takeaways

  1. Passion for what you're doing is most important because it will allow you to keep going even with the ROI is not there.

  2. Waiting until things are perfect before you launch is wasting valuable time because you can evolve while you build.

  3. Play the long game.